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April 2016 • There will be more NA.DuelCup events, but the dates are not known.Currently there will only be one cup every three or four months due to a lack of crew members. We are interested in running events more frequently again if we can assemble the right team. Thank you for your patience

Player signups for all of our events are opened a few hours before they begin

Events by @duelcup broadcasted live on Replays located at
Event payouts are made possible by community donations - 

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PARTICIPANTS: The official form of communication where matches are scheduled is the IRC channel #duelcup Quakenet. Please be aware that admins will not spend time searching for players outside of the #duelcup IRC channel. You are free to use any form of communication that you would like, but if you are relying on another other than the official IRC channel you are doing so at your own right. Forfeit win/loss are able to be granted by admin if a match has been ready for at least ten minutes and one of the players has gone missing. You can use to open IRC in your browser if you do not have an IRC client.